Puerto Rican Cuatro Method - Método de Cuatro Puertorriqueño

Puerto Rican Cuatro Method Vol. 1

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For the musical at heart, the Puerto Rican Cuatro Method Vol. 1 book is a boon! From the moment you leaf through it, you’re hooked. This beautifully written book is authored by noted guitarist and Cuatro player, Samuel Ramos and has been edited by Luis Torres.

Bilingual in its entirety, each page has been transcribed in two languages – English and Spanish. A befitting testament to the beautiful heritage of Puerto Rico! 

This book is prolific in its explanations and instructions, keeping it simple from start to finish. The book covers everything from theory, scales and chords to danzas and classical music. The book is perfect for basic beginners. It starts where you would want to – parts of a Cuatro and posture while playing a Cuatro. These seemingly simple steps are the foundation to being one of the best!

The book has been written in the notation and tablature formats. Each song bears the chords that are to be used. All time favorites find themselves in the pages -from Jingle Bells and Twinkle, Twinkle to The Star Spangled Banner.

The forte of this book is its stress on the step-by-step instruction guide that helps you along in a proactive manner. You have already found the Holy Grail of Cuatro Learning!

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