Puerto Rican Cuatro Method Vol. 2 - Método de Cuatro Puertorriqueño

Puerto Rican Cuatro Method Vol. 2

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Making melodies will be a breeze once you get this amazing guide to Puerto Rican Cuatro playing. This 2nd volume offers insightful notes on how to become a better player!

This cool guide that teaches you how to play cuatro Puertorriqueño, is chock-a-block with easy-to-understand guidelines. Choose this guide as your teacher and you’ll discover the power and beauty of the Cuatro! This delightful guide has been composed by talented Cuatro player and guitarist, Samuel Ramos and has been edited by Luis Torres, Cuatro connoisseur and professional editor. With an explosive combination like this one, it is a known fact that this book is a sizzler!

Every page has been written in two languages – English and Spanish, showcasing Puerto Rican heritage to the hilt! Beautifully written, the book is easy to understand since it takes you step-by-step and by the end of it, you’re fully equipped to rock the Cuatro world. (With oodles of practice, of course!)

If you have worked your way up through Vol.1, then Vol. 2 takes you on a musical journey that will fulfill your higher expectations. Loaded with goodies like tips on public performances, the book covers the more intricate details of Cuatro playing! Aguinaldos, danzas and seises rule the roost along with music scales and chords.

For a wholesome learning experience either by the book, you’re surely a gifted traveler on the wonderful journey of music!


  • Easy to understand
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Valuable tips for better Cuatro playing
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish

If you’re looking to get better at playing the Cuatro, then look no further! The Puerto Rican Cuatro Method Book Vol. 2 is perfect for you!

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